Setting aside their shady business practices, bad grammar, and well, everything else, the Trumps are failing majorly in one area when it comes to this whole First Family thing just by being so unsettlingly awkward. Every month or so another cringy photo pops up of Trump making any face, his sons awkwardly standing, or Melania wearing an inappropriate jacket. I mean come on people, if you’re going to run the country at least learn how to take a good picture!

Well #mamamiaherewegoagain, Melania’s getting roasted for a super strange photo-op of her “gardening” back in September 2017. It’s very obvious from her uncomfortable stance and squeaky clean sneakers that the First Lady has never set foot in a garden, and unlike Michelle Obama, probably doesn’t even know what a turnip is.

Peep some of the best tweets roasting Melania below as you enjoy the remaining hours of July.