Warning: Do not read this if you don’t want to see any spoilers about the future of Wakanda, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or haven’t seen Avengers: Infinity War (seriously?).

Marvel is notoriously tight-lipped when it comes to its forthcoming projects. The actors didn’t learn how the third Avengers film would end until the day they shot it, though Thor aka Chris Hemsworth promises No. 4 will be more shocking than Infinity War.

One actress whose lips definitely aren't sealed is Angela Bassett, spilled all the tea in an interview with Screen Rant promoting Mission: Impossible – Fallout. She dropped a major spoiler about the fate of Wakanda and the Black Panther, played by Chadwick Boseman.

When asked if T’Challa's mother Ramonda survived Thanos’ great snap, Bassett revealed she in fact did, as well as TChalla's  spectacular sister Shuri. "No. Neither did my daughter. Shuri, she's a bright girl there in Wakanda," she said.

"I think she's still there in the throne room," Bassett elaborated in a different interview with ABC News. "Or she's safely ensconced in the Wakandan Palace, because we didn't see her 'poof' into ashes—her or Shuri. So mama and baby girl are going to have to right this world back together, because it was pretty much decimated...in the last Avengers."

Bassett says the technologically advanced nation will be okay without T’Challa, almost confirming theories that Shuri will take over for her brother in his absence, an existing storyline in the comics. Of course she’s upset her fictional son went “poof,” but the ladies of Wakanda will get along just fine.

Bassett also hopes she’ll have an even bigger role in the sequel, and that Ramonda will get in on a bit of the action. "I would kid when we were working, saying, 'When we come back for [the sequel], she's going to really get into the game,'" Bassett said. "You're gonna see some of her skills and [Black Panther will] say, 'That's my mama.' She's going to throw down."