People have been asking for an edit button on Twitter for years, but the platform has never changed their ways and we're all stuck with typos forever.

Unless Kim Kardashian saves the day.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was invited to Kanye West's 41's birthday party over the weekend, and apparently Kim used the opportunity to pitch him on the idea of adding an edit button. According to a tweet on Tuesday evening, the two had a "very good convo" and Jack heard her out on the idea.

Jack didn't confirm or deny the fact that he was swayed by Kim, but he did jokingly respond: "Now I see why I was invited!"

This isn't the first time Jack has publicly considered the idea of adding an edit functionality to tweets. At the end of 2016, he asked followers what they wanted Twitter to add or improve on and he was met with a floor of requests for an edit button. In one tweet, he admitted, "We're thinking a lot about it."

Based on his follow-up tweets at the time, it seemed the most likely solution would be to add a five minute window to edit mistakes instead of the ability to edit at any time.

The momentum for an edit button slowed after Dorsey's 2016 tweets, but maybe his conversation at Kanye's party will finally lead to a change. Thanks, Kim.