What would you do to catch them all? One father and his son have been arrested after a fight that broke in Kirkwood, Missouri over Pokémon Go. The two have been accused of assaulting a man and pushing him into a lake over the app, according to a report from the Kansas City Star. By the way, dad's 71 and his little boy is 30.

Robert Matteuzzi and his son Angelo were handed third degree assault charges on Tuesday for the incident that took place on Monday night around 7 p.m. The whole fight began after a man suspected two players of stealing the virtual Pokémon Go gym he had attempted to battle for. The man threw a Gatorade bottle at the Matteuzzis, according to local authorities.

Later that day, the father-son duo caught up with their accuser and threw the bottle back, hitting him in the face. This prompted a fight. A video of the incident, recorded by one witness, has now gone public. In the clip, Robert holds down the man, while Angelo hits him repeatedly. The man told media outlets the two also pushed him in the lake and tried to drown him, but that part of the fight was not captured by the witness.

Photos shared with the network KSDK show the extent of the man’s injuries. His eye is swollen shut and he has a broken fingertip, plus cuts and bruises on his head and body.

The Matteuzzis were arrested after the fight and their bail was set at $15,00 each. A court date has not yet been set.