James Corden stepped into the Westworld universe and ran straight into a horrifying twist: the hosts were malfunctioning, just like on the HBO Western/sci-fi thriller, but in the form of speaking Kanye West tweets.

In a skit that aired during Monday's Late Late Show, Corden delivered a play on the popular HBO sci-fi Western thriller. Jimmi Simpson, who plays William in the show, even made an appearance at the end. As of late, Kanye's Twitter feed seems to be a science fiction thriller all on its own, so the two made a natural and hilarious combination.

The sketch opens with up Corden in complete Western garb, walking into a bar. He is met by people who deliver ominous messages like "Never a master, always a student," and "Love is the most powerful force in the universe."

One man said to Corden, "I no longer have a manager, I can't be managed," and a man at the bar said, "I'd like to meet Tim Cook. I got some ideas."

Another woman said, "You don't have to agree with Trump. But the mob can't make me hate him." Another said, "I want to see a tour with Nicki Minaj and Cardi B."

Suddenly, everyone in the bar started to chant, "I'm nice at ping pong."

Then Simpson (as William) appeared and said to Corden, "I bet you’re feeling pretty scared. Confused. Disoriented. Disturbed. Nothing’s going right, everything's malfunctioning. Well, I guess you must have met the locals. Welcome to Kanye Westworld."

This is what real nightmares are made of.