Kanye West and Rick & Morty co-creator Justin Roiland have formed an endearing friendship through Twitter, and might even meet up in real life soon. The two may seem like completely different dudes, successful in their own lanes, never to intersect—but when Kanye celebrated Adult Swim’s renewal of the show via social media yesterday, Roiland couldn’t help but chime in.

In case you missed it, Rick & Morty is getting a whopping 70 new episodes. To give you some context, while there are three completed seasons already, they only make up 31 episodes. We’re getting more than double that. While it’s a really popular show, nobody could’ve predicted that 'Ye was as big a fan as revealed yesterday. The dude apparently watches each episode at least five times.

That's more than 56 hours of Rick & Morty.

When Roiland saw Yeezus himself came down from heaven and blessed his show with glowing praise, he couldn’t stop himself from reaching out. The co-creator, who works alongside Dan Harmon, expressed how dope it would be “to have a good time with” Kanye, because positivity and joy are premiums in this world. That seemed to win Kanye over—since he’s repeatedly urged us all to live with love in the past few weeks.

Ultimately, we won’t know what comes of this meeting until whatever results spring from it hit the public. We’ve seen rappers collaborate with Rick & Morty before, like when Logic got the show to announce his Bobby Tarantino II mixtape—but this is Kanye West. This won’t just be an ad-lib on an episode, or 'Ye being a new voice actor on the show (although at this point, anything is possible).

We're willing to bet Kanye loves the erratic sense of humor found in the show, and how philosophical discussions are had while simultaneously entertaining and endearing viewers. Perhaps, these two will just hang out, kick back, and laugh their asses off. And if that’s all, so be it. It’s all that matters at this point.