The Hollywood Reporter has learned that a Star Wars stand-alone film centered around Boba Fett will be written and directed by James Mangold. He previously worked on the 2017 movie, Logan, another stand-alone flick, which he also wrote and directed.

Aside from already proving that he has the chops to take the helm of a stand-alone film, the decision to hire Mangold is also intriguing because he was adamant about doing Logan his way. The feel, look, and tone of Logan is different from anything previously released in the X-Men universe, and Mangold was able to get the studio to sign off on him making the movie he wanted to make.

While that approach could potentially lead to a headline down the road that reads, “Mangold exits Boba Fett film over creative differences,” one can only hope that Lucasfilm doesn’t stand too much in his way. Even though Boba Fett has been featured in comic books, animated series, etc., his limited onscreen time in previous Star Wars films gives Mangold something of a blank slate to work with when crafting this stand-alone feature. The Hollywood Reporter says that there were rumors that Simon Kinberg, who worked with Mangold on Logan, was working "on a Boba Fett movie." It is uncertain if these two projects are the same. 

Lucasfilm is reportedly developing films for a few characters. Aside from Boba Fett and Obi-Wan Kenobi, no one knows what other projects the studio has up their sleeve. So you're saying there's a chance for Yoda