After years of increasing anticipation, gaming giant Square Enix has delivered a playable version of Kingdom Hearts III.

The long-awaited installment was presented in Santa Monica on Thursday during a premiere event for fans and members of the media. Not only did attendees receive additional details about the forthcoming action-RPG, they were also blessed with demos that provided a closer look at two of the game’s worlds: Mt. Olympus in Hercules and Andy’s room in Toy Story.

Shortly after the event, off-screen images from the demo began surfacing online, confirming a slew of exciting new features and characters, including the debut of Wreck-It Ralph’s titular character.

It’s unclear if KH3 will include a Wreck-It Ralph world, as most people are reporting that the character is one of the game’s summons. Though this detail was mildly disappointing for some fans, the majority of those on social media were stoked that Ralph was included in the game at all.

Kingdom Hearts III should be coming out sometime later this year.