Kevin Hart went on Big Boy’s radio show this morning to have a frank discussion about his career and where he’s going next. Hart recently starred in J. Cole’s “Kevin’s Heart” video, a searing look at the aftermath of Hart’s very public infidelity scandal. Hart spoke to Big Boy at length about how he got involved in the video, confirming that it had been a long time in the making and not a simple coincidence. Hart also touched on the career progression of another longtime friend, Kanye West.

For the past couple of weeks, Kanye has been on a bizarre Trump-supporting wave, wearing MAGA hats and wondering if slavery was a “choice.” It’s been hard for fans and friends of Kanye alike to watch, and many have been asked to comment. “Kanye is a friend," Hart began. "I know the levels that he’ll go to to get [his] genius across. My opinion is just an opinion, but I don’t agree with where he is or the way he’s going about getting to the punchline or the point of what he’s doing.” 

“I think we’re in a point in time where the world is being divided, and I think a large piece of the division that’s been amplified is coming from the leader of the free world at times. In no way, shape, or form will I ever support that, or do anything to draw more attention to that,” Hart continued. “I think that any promotion uplifts the division that’s been put upon it.” 

Hart also added he believes Kanye has an ulterior motive to all the posturing. Hart stressed it was just a thought, but seemed confident Kanye will eventually bring his rhetoric “back to a creative space where it was, ‘My reason for joining this was to bring people together and do something.’” 

Hart's “love” for Kanye hasn't changed. “I think he’s a genius, and somehow he’ll wrap this into something. We’re all waiting to see where that is.”

As for Hart's collab with Cole and the planning of their video, he said, “We’re artists. There’s nothing that isn’t planned. J. Cole wanted to make me feel comfortable with hearing the song. The song is about the battle that men on the successful level go through, it's battle of choices on a daily basis.” 

Hart was entirely supportive of the song’s message, and revealed he changed nothing from what Cole initially presented to him. “I like what the song represents. You don’t run from the truth, you don’t run from something that you encountered,” he said. 

“J. Cole is such a dope artist that he talks about life in a unique way, whether it's done through rap battles, whether it's done through political views, whether it's done through his passion, his heart, his feeling at the moment,” he said. “I think his success has only blossomed because he stayed true to him and what he feels music should be.”

Hart also revealed that he and Cole have been friends for years, “before all the stuff grew out,” referring to Cole’s iconic hair. “You don’t do something like this without having a relationship. If I don’t know J. Cole, this doesn’t happen,” he said of the video. “J. Cole was coming to my shows in White Plains, New York, before I took off. I knew J. after he had just got signed.”

During his interview, Hart also spoke at length about how his marriage is faring after his very public cheating scandal, and the steps he is taking to regain public trust. He also touched on an upcoming show at the Hollywood Bowl and the inspiration behind his many stand-up comedy specials.