Gabrielle Union is speaking out on the 17-year-old beef she had with Jada Pinkett Smith which no one knew about until this week.

"At some point in time, neither of us remembers, we created a slight," explained Union on The Angie Martinez Show around the 4:10 mark. "Either I slighted her or she slighted me and it was real or imagined." But unfortunately, Union said neither of them was "mature" or "evolved" enough to address it head-on.

"You know you create spaces for people to be around you that be like 'You know [...] Jada don't really mess with you like that' and you were like 'Really? When...what...I missed that. Well I don't mess with her either.' And then seventeen years go by and that's literally the whole thing."

But it all changed when Pinkett Smith reached out to the Breaking In actress, who will also appear on Pinkett Smith's Facebook talk show, Red Table Talk.

"She said 'sister, we're both doing the same work, we both understand this life, we both have love for each other, can we talk and figure out what it was?'" relayed Union. "And we're like we don't know what it was but what we do know is at that time we were both so immature and insecure that we created spaces and had people around us that fed all of our insecurities and created a situation that really probably more likely than not a figment of our imaginations."

Now, that's how you squash beef.