Gabrielle Union is a mother hell-bent on rescuing her children from inside a well-secured residence controlled by an apparent creep in the upcoming thriller Breaking In. Hence the title, Union's character—Shaun Russell—is tasked with breaking in after her children are taken hostage inside her late father's home.

Breaking In also stars Ajiona Alexus, Christa Miller, Seth Carr, Billy Burke, Richard Cabral, and Jason George. Union is producing the film alongside Will Packer, with whom she previously collaborated on Being Mary Jane and Almost Christmas. Ryan Engle (Rampage) penned the script from a story by Jaime Primak Sullivan. The director, James McTeigue, previously helmed V for Vendetta and multiple episodes of the Netflix original series Marco Polo.

Catch Breaking In in theaters this Mother's Day.

Last year, Union starred in a new season of Being Mary Jane, as well as Sleepless alongside T.I. and Jamie Foxx. Union also released her debut book, the memoir We're Going to Need More Wine.

"I'd been approached many times over the years to write something," Union revealed to Complex last September. "I just never felt like my life was worthy enough. I couldn't see anyone picking it up." Ultimately, Union became comfortable with the idea of writing after realizing she'd be an "asshole" if she didn't tell her story. "So I started doing the work to help myself feel like I was worthy and I had value, and the more work I did on myself the more I was like, 'OK, I wanna tell this story too,'" she said.