When we last saw Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie character, she was aboard a spaceship alongside Thor and his merry band of Asgardian brothers. If you were lucky enough to find an Avengers: Infinity War screening that wasn’t completely sold out this weekend, you probably noticed the actress was sorely missing from the film. According to Mashable, the wreckage of that ship in the early scenes of Marvel’s latest, record-breaking box office behemoth, showed no signs of Valkyrie—nor did anyone mention her. This left fans confused, with Tessa Thompson expertly trolling them on Twitter with pictures of goats. 

“Me in Infinity Wars,” the actress wrote in a tweet depicting Marvel colleague Sebastian Stan holding a baby goat. After she corrected her spelling, Thompson retweeted a side-by-side image depicting her smoking a cigarette which uncannily resembles the following photo. Have a look for yourself, and tell me these two don’t look identical. 

“Mood,” is all she wrote, with a slew of fans tweeting in agreement. Apparently, this is a new thing now—Tessa Thompson and fans photoshopping Marvel stills and infusing them with baby goats. Frankly, I see nothing wrong with that, and I’m pretty here for it. Enjoy the reactions and let us know if Avengers: Infinity War is now retroactively worse for not including Tessa and her favorite animal in lead roles.