Amy Schumer is trying something new. The actress reportedly has her eyes set on a dramatic boxing drama titled Christy Martin. According to Deadline, the film tells the true story of the boxer of the same name who tries to make moves as an athlete in a man’s world. The script was written by Katherine Fugate, who wrote Valentine’s Day, and comes from Voltage Pictures.

Martin, who now goes by Christy Salters, her maiden name, grew up in West Virginia. She earned the nickname "The Coalminer’s Daughter" after winning a boxing competition, and by 1990 she, according to Deadline, “was in the boxing ring pushing the glass ceiling for women to be allowed to box.” She was also the first woman signed to boxing promoter Don King. She climbed to the top of the boxing ladder until Laila Ali defeated her in 2003.

But while Martin pushed the envelope for women in boxing, she also suffered from domestic violence. She met her husband Jim Martin, who was a trainer, at a local boxing gym. In Orlando, where the two lived, their relationship was turbulent. When Martin fell in love with a woman and decided to leave her husband, he snapped. He beat her, stabbed her, then shot her as she attempted to flee the house. He was later sent to prison after she testified against him in court.

It’ll be interesting to see the comedian in such a serious role. In the meantime, Schumer’s comedy I Feel Pretty opens this weekend on April 20.