Vivica A. Fox is going to be hosting her own talk show for CBS this fall, and from the way it's being described, it sounds like it's going to be deliciously dramatic and thoroughly entertaining.

Fox will host Face the Truth, where guests will "reveal their problems to a panel of experts in related subjects who aim to provide constructive feedback. The studio audience will then get the chance to weigh in and vote on who’s at fault in the situation," Page Six says. So, like, Intervention meets Dr. Phil (who is coincidentally executive producing the show) with some audience participation a la Jerry Springer?

The show's producer, Jay McGraw, is hoping the unique concept will breathe some new life into the talk show scene. "Face the Truth is a fresh addition to the television landscape. We have an incredibly talented cast with strong opinions who deliver a show that is entertaining, informative and highly watchable," McGraw said. Along with Fox as host, other "panel experts" will reportedly include Bar Rescue host Jon Taffer, psychologist Dr. Judy Ho, and actress/life coach Rosie Mercado.

Lately, Fox has been on a press tour for her newly released book, Every Day I'm Hustling, in which she chose to spill some tea on her prior relationship with 50 Cent (who unsurprisingly had his own opinions on the situation.) Face the Truth is shaping up to be our next dramatic daytime guilty pleasure, so look out for it when it airs in the fall 2018 syndication season.