Letitia Wright had one of the most memorable jokes in Black Panther when her character, Shuri, screamed "what are thoooooseee!" at T'Challa and his open-toe sandals. 

But as Black Panther continues to rise in success, it has been a gift and a curse for Wright. All eyes are on her now—and her sneakers. On Twitter, she admitted to being anxious about stepping out and hearing the famous phrase thrown at her.

The 24-year-old actress followed it up with a hilarious meme. In it, she used a gif from That's So Raven where Raven looks around in paranoia while chewing gum.

A fan reached out with a reply about how intently people are looking at her sneakers now. "Bro! Life ain’t the same anymore," she replied. Another gave Wright sound advice: "It’s all about confidence," with a clip of Jonah Hill strutting his stuff in 21 Jump Street. She agreed.

Others are making sure Adidas, Nike, and Balenciaga hear her cry. "I like you," read Wright's reply. Looking out for me 😭" Luckily, it seems like she's already got the hook-up from "da homies at Nike." Wright said they've been "saving [her] from being called out."

Your move, sneaker brands. Hook a Wakandan genius up!

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