Kanye West is notoriously social-media averse nowadays—besides his Valentine’s Day stunt this year, he doesn’t have an Instagram or Twitter or anything else, really, that would help us keep track of what he’s up to. That’s where his very social media-savvy wife, Kim Kardashian, comes in. Every once in a while, she’ll post a photo of Kanye or even launch a full-out campaign of one of his projects.

Today, she posted a photo to her Instagram and Twitter and reminded us all of the time she surprised her husband with a trip to Japan for his birthday. It was a true surprise, as she revealed that he had to guess where they were going based on the snacks and magazines that she stocked their private plane with. The photo shows two big baskets full of Japanese candy, sriracha kettle cooked potato chips, and small donuts. There’s also the fact that Kim achieved a small miracle with this feat and has subsequently shared upon us a rare blessing: a photo of a smiling Kanye.

This isn’t the first time Kim has spoken publicly about this trip, which happened last year in June. During an appearance on The View last year, Kim said that she took Kanye to Japan for his big 40th birthday because he loves “to go to get away and get inspiration” there. “It was great for me because I’ve never been and we had always talked about how we really wanted to go together,” she added.

Kim also said they were able to truly “sneak away” since there was no media hounding them during the surprise trip. “We would put on hoodies. We took the train. No one bothered us. It was great,” Kardashian said. “It’s great to get away when there’s no noise and it’s just us. That trip was just really special.” 

People reports that the Japan trip was the second vacation that Kanye took around the time of his birthday. Shortly before the couple jetted off to Asia, they took their two kids, North West and Saint, to the Bahamas and a few other family members for a short weekend trip to the beach. Apparently, they spent Kanye’s actual birthday there, and Kim’s surprise came afterwards.  

Now you finally know what to do the next time your significant other's birthday comes rolling around. Just thank Kim.