Michael Che and Taraji P. Henson faced off against Jimmy Fallon and Black Thought in a game of “Quiplash” Monday night. During the game each player was posed with several prompts and submitted the funniest response they could think of. It seems that as career comedians, Fallon and Che would sweep the competition, but after the first round Black Thought came out on top. Unfortunately, Henson seemed to fumble with her phone when submitting answers, but the ones that did make it onscreen were pure hilarity. In the end, Fallon prevailed with Henson coming in last.

In “Quiplash” the contestants are posed with a variety of prompts including things like “Worst Street Drug Name” and “Museum of _____.” The final two funniest answers get votes from the other contestants and the members of the Roots. Black Thought and Che fell back on a lot of boner and booty jokes, which is why at one point Henson turned back to the audience and joked “we need more women on the panel!”

Fallon also interviewed Henson about her upcoming film Proud Mary, where Henson plays a career killer. During the interview Henson stressed the importance of portraying women older than 40 in badass roles. “We see men of all ages over 40. We can rattle names off, and they always get these heroic roles. Why don’t you see women?” Henson said. “All of my friends in the industry look amazing, and they’re quite athletic. Why aren’t we all in films like this?”

Henson gave the audience a little twirl to prove her point. “Women, after we get 40, the send us out to pasture,” Henson said standing up in a tight black dress. “Well honey, I’m just saying she’s not ready to go out to the pasture.”