Whether it's a culturally-relevant Google Doodle or a new app that turns your face into an emoji, Google knows exactly how to engage with its audience. Most recently, the multinational technology company's app "Google Arts and Culture"—which initially launched in 2016—got a face-lift, literally. The app's newest features is a face-matching tool that allows you to find your famous museum doppelgänger.

The app was originally created to allow users to peruse art from around the world. With the Face-Match feature, the "Google Arts and Culture" app has gone viral on social media, largely because of its hilarious results. After you download the app, you'll have to snap a photo of yourself. You unfortunately can't upload a photo, so be sure to find the best light and know your angles. The app will then reveal your famous portrait twin, and provide a percentage of just how good the match is.

If you're not convinced, then take a look at Rowan Blanchard and Busy Philips' results. Blanchard’s was almost a 50 per cent match, with a Portrait of an Old Lady by the Italian painter Vittore Ghislandi—and yes, the lady’s very old.

Philips used the app a few times and her matches were lower, at a whopping 36 per cent for a portrait of Charles Lindbergh, and 41 per cent for a portrait of a balding gentleman.

Check out their matches below and discover your results. If anything, it’ll give you a good laugh.

This is a photo of Rowan.
Image via Instagram/rowanblanchard