Blue Ivy is a natural-born coordinator. She was literally created by two of the absolute best in this music game, so it only makes sense that she would want the 1000 percent best around her, at all times. Stepping out of the house? She only wants the best paparazzi, please. Hankering for a juice? You better have nothing but the freshest organic ingredients on deck.

Coming out of the womb of the best means expecting the best at every turn, and that means having to gather your own parents up from time to time, because hello: you could always be better. 

During the Grammys Sunday night, Blue Ivy was nestled in between her rich and famous parentals when something went down that would typically involve clapping. Camila Cabello was delivering a speech about DACA dreamers, and she said a particularly powerful line. But Blue, ever aware of her surroundings—very serious in that moment—identified that that was indeed not the moment to clap raucously. She calmly turned to her mother, Beyoncé, and instructed her to cease applauding. She then turned to her father, Jay Z, and requested the same. They didn't question her: they simply did as she said. As we all should, TBH.

The internet reacted as it generally does when this kind of thing goes down, and it did not disappoint with its reactions, assumptions, and retellings of what Queen Blue would want her parents, and the general population, to do. 

Blue Ivy be knowing. Blue Ivy for President.