UPDATED December 17, (6:30 p.m. ET): Cruz responded to Hamill with a quote from ... The Phantom Menace?

See original story below.

Mark Hamill went after Ted Cruz when the Texas Senator, and son of a man who might or might not have been involved in the assassination of JFK, supported the Federal Communications Commission's corporate-friendly chairman Ajit Pai and his repeal of net neutrality regulations. 

Hamill responded by pointing out that Ted Cruz misspelled his name. He also brought up the time Ted's Twitter account liked some NSFW material. 

Hamill aka Luke Skywalker has been on a social media clapback roll as of late. On Saturday, Hamill responded to Ajit Pai and a video he fittingly uploaded to conservative site The Daily Caller defending his repeal of net neutrality. 

Ted Cruz is no stranger to getting roasted. Previous to the Hamill burn, he tweeted a separate anti net neutrality message.

It didn't go too well.

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