So far, Netflix has teased the upcoming fourth season of Black Mirror with clips of the “Arkangel,” “Crocodile,” “Black Museum,” and “Hang the DJ” episodes. Sunday, Netflix followed up November’s parenting nightmare of an “Arkangel” trailer with a teaser for an episode entitled “Metalhead.”

Other than the fact that the episode stars Maxine Peake from The Theory of Everything, you don’t get much aside from the general creepiness Black Mirror has been known to evoke. Clips of Peake’s character poking around the hillside are spliced in with some intense chase scenes and a bit of dialogue. 

It has been confirmed that David Slade will direct the “Metalhead” episode. Slade’s previous credits include NBC’s Hannibal and the Starz series American Gods. So if the sparse piano music wasn’t a huge clue, this episode should be horrifying, gory, or both.

The closest thing you can extract from the clip that resembles a plot is when Peake’s character says, “We found a dog at the warehouse,” before seeming to run away in horror as someone falls from a ladder in said warehouse.

It’s a small leap of faith, but do remember Black Mirror was giving us the Daniel Kaluuya “scary face” before any of us watched Get Out and knew “The Sunken Place” existed.

Fans have taken to Twitter to indicate they’re beyond ready for the new season.

I could really go for some #BlackMirror season 4 right about now please. Those teaser trailers look nuts.

— Keven Skinner (@KevenSkinner) December 3, 2017


— Maciek D (@magxmaniac) December 3, 2017

When is Netflix going to release its grip on Black Mirror Season 4???

— Nada (@nuds2010) December 3, 2017

I don't usually avoid trailers out of fear of spoilers, but I'm purposefully not watching any for Black Mirror season 4 for that very reason. Just drop the season on us... my body is ready!

— B. Alex Thompson💬 (@ApproBAT) December 3, 2017

The still unannounced Black Mirror season 4 premiere is expected to happen at some point in 2018.