Fans of the hit series Black Mirror are highly anticipating the upcoming fourth season, especially after season three's highlight "San Junipero" took home the Golden Globe for Best TV Movie back in September. There's no release date for when the fourth season hits Netflix, but over the weekend their Twitter account has been teasing what fans can expect. Initially, they dropped an intriguing poster.

They've since dropped a trailer for "Arkangel," which is reportedly set to be the second episode in this fourth season. Written, like every episode, by series creator Charlie Brooker and directed by Jodie Foster, "Arkangel" takes a look at what the future of parenting could be... namely implanting trackers into your kid's head. Based on the trailer, this might have sprung up after a woman's daughter went missing.

Black Mirror is loved by viewers and acclaimed by critics for its look into the future of technology and how human may implement it into a number of facets of life. Earlier today, the Black Mirror Twitter account teased an image for something called "Crocodile," with a tweet caption of "Memories can be subjective." There's currently no word on if this means a new trailer is on the horizon. Netflix has released a trailer for "Crocodile," which deals with accessing memories and investigating crimes.