Emma Stone is hosting Saturday Night Live for the third time this week, which means we can probably expect a very not awful episode. But before she was bagging multiple SNL hosting gigs and appearing in year-end awards contenders like La La Land, Stone was doing highly relatable shit like completely botching her All That audition.

"I did, when I was 12, audition for All That," Stone told Jimmy Fallon on Thursday's Tonight Show. "Do you know All That? No big deal. I went to an open call for All That. We drove out from Arizona and I auditioned for All That when I was 12 years old." The process, Stone recalled, was similar to SNL, though that similarity was a big surprise for her on the big day.

"Well, I guess it was sort of like SNL but I didn't know that you had to have characters," Stone said. "So I thought they were going to give us sketches and then, like, five minutes before I went in the room, they said you need to have three characters when you come in the room. So I was like 'Okay!' and then I made up a couple of characters." The audition itself, Stone noted, left much to be desired.

Thankfully, Stone still remembers the characters she created on the spot. "One was a cheerleader that couldn't spell what she was cheering," Stone recalled, acting out a sample sketch. "Then there was another one that was actually pretty nuts that was a babysitter who is possessed." Perhaps one or both of these vintage character will make a comeback when Stone hosts SNL this weekend alongside musical guest Shawn Mendes.