Watch The XX Debut Their New Single "I Dare You" on 'SNL'

Fans were treated to yet another new track from the XX, as the group debuted "I Dare You" on 'SNL.'

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The XX continued the build up to their forthcoming album, I See You, by debuting the track “I Dare You” on the most recent episode of Saturday Night Live. The group recently announced their third album is slated for release Jan. 13, 2017, and it will be their first studio offering of new music since 2012’s Coexist

This was widely believed to be the official debut of “I Dare You.” The mostly mid-temp affair finds Romy Madley Croft and Oliver Sim on lead vocals and resuming their usual chemistry. The group also performed “On Hold” as a post from the official XX Twitter account confirmed they would roughly a day before the airing of SNL. “On Hold,” which is already being promoted and is available for purchase, contains a familiar vocal sample of the Hall & Oates hit “I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do).”

In a post to fans from their official Facebook account, the XX stated they would “be testing out some of our new songs in places we don’t get to go to so often.” Based on Saturday’s performances, those places presumably included NBC’s studios. With roughly 15 tour dates scheduled between now and April of 2017, there may be more tracks debuted prior to the formal album release. 

Coexist, the XX’s sophomore release from 2012, debuted at the top spot on the UK top album charts with first week sales of 58,000 units.

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