Robert De Niro has come close to starring in a television series beforethere was that time he was hired to take the John Turturro role in HBO's The Night Ofbut it has never actually happened. That will reportedly change when the Oscar-winning actor makes his small screen debut streaming on Amazon, according to Variety.

De Niro, along with another Oscar winner, Julianne Moore, will star in a still-untitled series that will be directed and written by five-time Oscar nominee David O. Russell, director of The Fighter, American Hustle and Silver Linings Playbook, among others. 

There's still no word on the plot, but apparently it's not easy to get a Hollywood legend to make the move to a series. De Niro is said to be getting $850,000 per episode for the project, which FX had also been interested in when it was shopped around over the summer.

Recently, De Niro has been busy trashing Donald Trump during appearances on Sarajevo television, trashing Donald Trump on social media, and trashing Donald Trump with Leonardo DiCaprio during an awards ceremony. According to IMDB, De Niro currently has seven upcoming movies in various stages of production. One of those is an HBO movie titled The Wizard of Lies, in which De Niro plays Ponzi scheme fraudster Bernie Madoff.