Though one would assume that the President-elect would have more important things to do than mindlessly spar with artists on Twitter, the precedents set by the past have clearly been burned to the ground. The alleged winner of this year's presidential election spent the weekend tweeting about the cast of Lin-Manuel Miranda's Broadway instaclassic Hamilton, who delivered a powerful and moving message to Vice President-elect Mike "Fetus Funeral" Pence while spotlighting the fear felt by many across the nation. The President-elect eventually demanded an apology for the message, something Hamilton star Brandon Victor Dixon confirmed Monday is definitely not going to happen.


"The producers, the creatives, and the cast all… we recognize that Hamilton is an inherently American story told by the definition of the American community," Dixon said on CBS This Morning on Monday. "We are men, women of different colors, creeds, and orientations. The resonant nature of the show throughout the world, throughout the global community, demands that we make statements when there are important issues, I think, facing us as a community. So we wanted to stand up and spread a message of love and of unity."


That message, which was co-authored by Lin-Manuel Miranda and speaks on behalf of those whose voice "has been marginalized or might become marginalized," was bafflingly labeled by the President-elect as harassment. "Conversation is not harassment," Dixon said Monday. "It was the beginnings of a conversation, I hope, that we can continue to have."


Still, for reasons not entirely clear, looking for some sort of apology? Dixon is aware of the President-elect's request, but isn't sweating it. "I heard," Dixon said. "There's nothing to apologize for."