Lin-Manuel Miranda marked his debut Saturday Night Live hosting gig with a no-holds-barred update on his Hamilton standout "My Shot," effortlessly sliding in an apt Donald Trump diss in light of, well, everything. In fact, the forthcoming star of the 2018 instaclassic Mary Poppins Returns kept it decidedly 💯 about the inarguable parallels between his Broadway smash and the current presidential election.

"I'm fresh off a long run performing in my musical Hamilton, which fortunately is one of the biggest hits on Broadway ever, which means most of you watching at home have no idea who I am," Miranda joked in his opening monologue. "But if you get to New York, please come and see Hamilton. It's such a nice escape from the craziness in the world right now. It's about two famous New York politicians locked in a dirty, ugly, mud-slinging political campaign—escapism!"

Miranda then launched into his updated take on "My Shot," giving props to current Trump and Clinton embodiers Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon while offering some commentary on the current state of the real Trump, i.e. a straight-up diss:

"Tonight I'm finally earning my spot on this wall, in this hall, and I'm getting a piece of it

Like Miley, Schumer, Tracy Morgan, and this piece of…"

For those not up on clever omissions that speak louder than actual words, the word that comes after "piece of" is the supremely underrated "shit."

Next up for SNL is is Miranda's Mary Poppins Returns costar Emily Blunt with musical guest Bruno Mars. The following week, Tom Hanks does his usual Tom Hanks thing with some help from Lady Gaga.