Is Rob Kardashian packing up the fam and getting the hell out of California? All 'grams point to yes. Fresh off the refreshingly candid series premiere of the hella anticipated Keeping Up With the Kardashians spin-off Rob & Chyna, Rob hit the 'gram Monday to reveal he had "just closed the deal" on his new house and was closer than ever to getting out of California alongside Blac Chyna:

Though Rob's screengrab doesn't include helpful info like, you know, a specific locale, many fellow 'grammers have conducted their own investigations and pegged it as being somewhere along that other coast (i.e. East) and quite possibly the Hamptons. Others have also noted that our guy Rob used the phrase "my new house" instead of "our new house," which may mean everything and most likely means nothing at all. But do carry on, detectives. We need you now more than ever.

Speaking of moving in and out of luxurious houses, Rob was recently seen on Rob & Chyna getting some advice from Lord Scott Disick after getting briefly kicked out of the crib by Chyna (again). During his emotional moment of consolation, Lord Disick urged Rob to just kick back and let it happen. "If you weren't to get kicked out, it would be weird," the Lord explained:

The Rob & Chyna premiere was also bolstered by the announcement of the sex of ChyRo's baby. The engaged couple will welcome their first child together, a daughter, very soon:

But will the growing fam spend a ton of time with the rest of the Kardashians in glorious Kali? Apparently not.