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Sadly, The Nightly Show is no more. As Larry Wilmore joked shortly after Comedy Central made the move official, this apparently means that "racism is solved." Right? No. Of course not. Thankfully, Wilmore is still out here bringing us truth on the late-night circuit. Dude effectively crashed fellow Comedy Central alum Stephen Colbert's Late Show on Thursday, resulting in a hilarious opening sequence and a dope 1-on-1 chat.

"I was very inspired by Stephen," Wilmore joked to the Late Show audience, referencing his big Obama moment at this year's White House Correspondents Dinner. "When you called President Bush your n****, I could not believe you did that. I thought it was very brave." Colbert agreed. "Very few people appreciate the courage that took me to say," he said.

The two also discussed The Nightly Show (RIP), with Wilmore hinting that he'd like to do something like it again soon. "I will keep it 100," Wilmore said. "I am very disappointed about it. I thought we'd be on through the election. You never know what's gonna happen. It's real tough when you're doing a TV show because you're thankful that you're doing a TV show but, you know, we hadn't talked to them for a while. So it's almost like you're in a relationship but you're the one who didn't know it was over."

In a statement given to Complex in August shortly after Nightly Show's cancellation, a Comedy Central spokesperson thanked Wilmore and his staff for their "tireless" work and the show's continued impact:

"We thank Larry and The Nightly Show staff for their tireless efforts across the past two years and the conversations the show generated by addressing social issues of great importance to the country, always challenging people’s attitudes, perceptions and bias."

Someone step up and give Wilmore a new late-night home. This presidential election definitely needs his voice