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Resident Catfish showman Nev Schulman once again finds himself in the unique position of saying something stupid, this time in response to BET's empowering Black Girls Rock event. "#BlackGirlsRock I totally agree," Schulman wrote in the since-deleted tweet, according to Page Six. "They also tend to #Catfish a lot. Just saying." If that sounds like it's, um, pretty racist, then you're most certainly not alone.

The backlash, as one might expect, was immense and immediate. Some on Twitter quickly labeled Schulman a "self righteous racist" for the confounding statement, while others completely agreed with the racism assessment but were seemingly not very surprised:

"You're right to be upset [and] don’t have to accept my apology," Schulman later admitted. "I am deeply sorry to those whom I offended and learned a valuable lesson." Schulman even screengrabbed the enlightening exchange he credits with helping him "understand" the offensiveness of his initial tweet, then shared it:

The last time Schulman "learned a valuable lesson," he was (rightfully) called out for making a completely tone-deaf joke about domestic violence in light of the Ray Rice elevator controversy. That monumental misfire, as previously reported, also did not end well.