Nickelodeon has decided to further fill the hearts of 90s enthusiasts with glee by bringing back Legends of the Hidden Temple, the adventure-prone game show hosted by Kirk Fogg. However, instead of rebooting with the usual tactics and suspects, Variety reports that Nickelodeon is bringing back the iconic series as a live-action TV movie. At time of publication, a premiere date had not been revealed.

"The company is under a lot of scrutiny, but I don’t think Nickelodeon is under any scrutiny at all," Cyma Zarghami, president of Viacom’s kids-friendly cable branch, tells Variety of the network’s parent company struggles. "We have done a tremendous amount of work to build our ecosystem." Part of that ecosystem, as previously reported, will now include revivals of confirmed classics Hey Arnold!, Rugrats, Rocko's Modern Life, and more.

In fact, Nickelodeon is set to tease both the new Legends of the Hidden Temple and the two-part Hey Arnold! TV movie during a presentation for prospective advertisers on Wednesday. "There’s a tremendous amount of attention on kids these days," Zarghami says. "What that says is there’s a tremendous amount of opportunity—not unlike what is going on in the grownup space." The network will also unveil the first look at a new docuseries hosted by Cam Newton entitled All In.

The past few years have been pretty kind to fervent nostalgists, including a Jimmy Fallon-spurred mini Good Burger reunion and Drake Bell's publicly stated enthusiasm for reviving Drake & Josh as some sort of sad adult dystopia. Hell, why look ahead when we can just sadly ponder the accomplishments of yesteryear?