Earlier this week, some of us pondered whether or not Jimmy Fallon had once again gone full Jimmy. After all, we do have two Jimmys and they occupy much of the same late-night territory. Had this Jimmy simply become too nice, too easygoing, too NBC? Where was that bravery that had him breaking out into uncontrollable laughter during classic Saturday Night Live moments with fellow giggler Horatio Sanz so many years ago? Fear not, as Jimmy Fallon has reinstated his bravery to deliver one of the most hyped reunions of all time: Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell:

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For more than a decade, this is a reunion many fans had simply written off as increasingly unrealistic. Kenan and Kel's individual careers had clearly taken different paths, and though the obvious profitability of 90s nostalgia is tempting, neither of them seemed particularly interested in presenting a halfhearted return to the classic territory of one of their most treasured creations: "Good Burger."

The sketch begins with Jimmy Fallon reminiscing about his theoretical days as a young Good Burger employee, immediately prompting the unveiling of the throwback sketch to the applause of the world. This is exquisite, guys; but can we get a proper sequel to the underrated 1997 movie? If we start now, we could enjoy it during the original's 20th anniversary: