With throwback fever currently working its wondrous magic on Nickelodeon's programming decisions, some form of a Drake & Josh reunion seemed downright inevitable. If completely different characters on completely different shows on completely different networks counts as a reunion, then Grandfathered already has what we need:

That, of course, doesn't count.

Fret not. Drake Bell has some seemingly good-ish news for everyone out there who is really here for this. "We would love to come back and reprise the characters and see where they are," Bell tells MTV News. "Josh could come home to visit the parents with his kids and his wife, and he’s got a great job, and Drake comes downstairs and he’s wearing the same clothes and still living with his parents. I think that would be pretty awesome."

According to Bell's side of the story, the aforementioned reunion that doesn't count was an absolute thrill. "We fell right back into our rhythm in that first take," Bell reveals. "It was like we picked up right where we left off, as if we were doing Drake & Josh the day before." In fact, Bell says he and Josh Peck are hoping the momentum behind this Grandfathered mini-reunion (that doesn't count) will generate some nostalgia buzz: "We’re all just waiting for that call."

Nostalgia always wins.