Footage of Katt Williams punching a 17-year-old following a friendly game of soccer has now resulted in charges against the storied comedian. The footage, shared in varying forms all across social media last week, depicted a seemingly bizarre encounter between Williams and Luke Wash that ultimately ended in that much-discussed punch. However, in the days since its release, both parties have spoken out in an attempt to clarify the context of the fight.

Williams will be charged by Gainesville authorities with disorderly conduct and bond violation on Monday, according to a report from WSB-TV's Tom Regan. Though Williams has agreed to turn himself in, both he and his attorney have insisted that he was heavily provoked during the encounter and initially tried to avoid the confrontation altogether. "You see Katt Williams just sit down and say like 'leave me alone,' and you hear his kid trying to bring it on," Findling told WSB-TV last week. "When you have somebody who's clearly targeted and somebody who's in their face and pushing them and pushing them. Nobody can put themselves in that scenario."

Wash, who spoke extensively with the Daily Mail last week, claims Williams "took [him] to a secluded area" and directly asked the 17-year-old to hit him. Both Williams and Findling deny this. "I don't know if he was sour but it is what it is," Wash said. Sources allegedly "connected with" Williams told TMZ that the original footage of the incident was altered.​ Speaking to an audience at Barclays Center on Friday, Williams revealed he actually thought Wash was 19.