When footage alleging to show storied comedian Katt Williams punching a teenager (before ultimately losing the fight) started making the rounds earlier this week, the questions started to pile up. Was the footage edited? What provoked the punch? Why was Katt even there? Luke Wash, the teen who allegedly got punched, spoke with the Daily Mail on Wednesday and revealed he's not even mad about what transpired.

According to Wash, he and some friends were playing soccer with Katt when the comedian "took [him] to a secluded area" and asked the 17-year-old to "hit" him. Katt then sucker-punched him, the Gainesville teen says, before the now infamous mini-brawl erupted. "I don’t know if he was sour but it is what it is," Wash told the Daily Mail.

However, according to a report from TMZ, sources "connected with" Katt Williams argue that the teen was actually acting "aggressively" toward the comedian. These sources claim that footage of the incident that first appeared online was altered to make it look like a sucker-punch, while the full footage (see an allegedly full version above) is said to prove otherwise. Local law enforcement officials are currently investigating the incident.

The latest controversy for Katt Williams comes after months of perplexing accusations, including allegations that Williams and members of his entourage held multiple women at gunpoint in Atlanta. Attorney Loletha Hale accused Williams and "about 15 members" of his team of "physically attacking" five women earlier this month, according to the Atlanta-Journal Constitution. While holding them at gunpoint, Hale claims, Williams and his entourage stole the women's phones.