Footage of an encounter between Katt Williams and an alleged teenager engaging in a scuffle has started making the rounds, following a series of controversies for the comedian in recent months. The footage, which appears to have first been uploaded by Fameolous before making its way to Instagram and elsewhere, alleges to show the storied comedian punching the supposed teenager before getting tackled and eventually giving up the fight altogether. Additional information on the footage, including the alleged teen's identity, has not been confirmed.

This footage, which has not yet prompted a response from Williams or his team, comes a week after the comedian was reportedly sued for a bizarre bathroom incident. As first reported by the Wrap, a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles last week alleges that a woman named Jamila Majesty was invited to Williams' Malibu estate only to be attacked. According to Majesty, that attack was spurred by Williams' anger about her using the restroom facilities and included "a Wiccan book, something evil."

That suit arrived after Williams (and members of his entourage) had already been accused of holding a bodyguard hostage, getting jumped at a Beanie Sigel show in Philadelphia, holding five women at gunpoint and stealing their phones in Atlanta, and punching a pool store worker after an alleged verbal disagreement. "What I understand is some racial statement was made," William Briggs, an attorney for Williams, told CBS 46 of the alleged pool store incident.