It's been a rough couple of weeks months for Katt Williams, but the comedian has now decided to speak out about his latest controversy—sucker-punching a teen. Just a few days ago the teenager, Luke Wash, revealed his side of the story, and now Williams has come forward to defend himself. 

While Wash made it seem like the punch and subsequent fight came out of nowhere, Williams seems to believe things unfolded differently. Speaking at Barclays Center on Friday night, he not only opened up about how he ended up playing soccer with a bunch of teenagers in the first place, but also disclosed that he was provoked and that Wash had the whole thing coming. 

Apparently he was just riding around in his motorcycle when he noticed he was being followed around by cops. Hoping to stay out of trouble (a pretty impossible feat, it appears), he joined the kids for a soccer game. 

"These little kids just saved me from the motherf--king next day in jail," Williams said during his rant. "So I say, ‘What the f--k is all of you doing out here?’ They said, 'We was playing soccer.’ I said, ‘Well, I’m in.'”

It was then that he got into something with Wash, who he believed to be 19 and not 17. 

"He says some slick s--t. And I say, ‘Hey, you know y’all can’t win this game so why would you say f--k me?’ And he said, ‘Well, what are you gonna do about it?’”

From Willaims' perspective it seems like Wash was looking for a fight, but I guess the end results were the same. Williams ended up on the ground in a choke hold and presumably "lost" his fight to Wash. If you want to hear exactly how the fight unfolded—or at least Williams' idea of how the fight unfolded—watch his convoluted play by play above.