Katt Williams is again at the center of accusations of violence, this time related to an incident that allegedly occurred at his Malibu estate. Jamila Majesty is accusing the storied comedian and his "female companions / housemates" of imprisoning and torturing her in his bathroom, according to court documents obtained by the Wrap.

In a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles on Thursday, Majesty alleges she was invited to Williams' Malibu home only to have Williams' aforementioned "housemates" assault her during an alleged three-hour beating. According to Majesty, the incident started with Williams becoming angry that she had used his restroom facilities. Adding that she "repeatedly lost consciousness" during the alleged attack, Majesty says Williams burned her in the face with a lit cigarette and "slapped Plaintiff several times" before reportedly punching her in the ribs.

Majesty allegedly suffered facial scarring, broken ribs, and "other extreme physical and emotional damage." Court documents obtained by the Wrap also reference what Majesty described as "a Wiccan book, something evil" on Williams’ bed, with a fire going in the house that "smelled of sweetness more so than a normal fire." Furthermore, Majesty alleges that Williams had someone on the property "read [her] psychically." The suit seeks unspecified damages, according to the Wrap.

The suit arrives after Williams has already been accused by several women in Atlanta of holding them at gunpoint and stealing their phones, an incident that allegedly also involved members of his entourage. That same week, Williams' arrest related to his alleged punching of a pool store employee also made headlines, in addition to his outspoken criticism of fellow comedian Kevin Hart.