There's something about watching celebrities impersonate other celebrities that never gets old. Ariana Grande recently proved she has some uncanny impressions up her sleeve, including her Céline Dion that apparently made Dion pee when she saw it. We also got a huge kick out of Papi LeBatard's impression of DJ Khaled, which wasn't the most accurate but nevertheless entertaining. Celebrity impressions is the gift that keeps on giving, and a new supercut shows a bevy of celebs showing off their impersonation chops on The Graham Norton Show.

Ryan Reynolds kicks off the clip with a spot-on impersonation of those dramatic voices that narrate trailers for action flicks, while Jamie Foxx proves he should probably never play a British person in any of his upcoming projects. Benedict Cumberbatch shows off his Chewbacca impresion while sitting next to Harrison Ford, who is pleasantly surprised by Cumberbatch's talent. Jim Carrey does a predictably perfect impression of a vicious St. Bernard, while a young Justin Bieber's British accent could use some work. Chris Pratt's impression of a British girl inspired by the characters in the show The Only Way Is Essex has got to be the best one of the bunch though.