Misery is so cool. Just ask all your miserable friends. However, there’s apparently something called "happiness" that’s supposed to be pretty cool too. In fact, Colombia is practically loaded with the stuff and is crushing surveys to prove it. The country has once again been named the happiest country on the planet, according to a recent WIN/Gallup International survey cited by the Huffington Post.

The survey hit more than 66,000 people from 68 different countries with the following monstrosity: "In general, do you personally feel very happy, happy, neither happy nor unhappy, unhappy or very, unhappy about your life?" Thanks for the immediate existential crisis, survey crafters. The question, posed to various victims between September and December of 2015, warranted some Colombia-championing results.

87 percent of Colombians said they would describe themselves as "happy," while just two percent of apparent misery enthusiasts opted instead for the "unhappy" option. Colombia's so-called "net happiness score," a bragworthy 85, is nearly double that of the United States.

After all, we really cherish our misery over here.