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Given the DMV is literally Satan's armpit, it's not surprising this woman went a little bit crazy while waiting in line. From the sound of the first few seconds of this video, Eleanore Stern took time out of her day to put on her flip-flops, gather her pertinent documents, and trek out to the DMV office in Deerfield Beach, Fla., a typically un-welcoming hell hole of florescent lights and chairs that seem comfy at first but quickly become torture devices. Here she is, all ready to receive her new license. But there's a problem: She's missing a document. 

Instead of taking the news calmly, Stern flips out. What begins with her heatedly berating a desk attendant quickly escalates into a knock-down-drag-out fight with a DMV police officer. The officer tries to approach her calmly at first, but when she begins to scream and flail he's forced (yes, actually forced) to body-slam her. Undeterred, she aims a kick at his testicles and, well, you have to watch the rest. 

Arguably the best moment of this whole thing is when she slithers across the floor to grab her abandoned flip-flops screaming, "I'm not going to jail!" Spoiler alert: She went to jail.