Ahh, the Department of Motor Vehicles ... Is there a worse place on earth? Well, perhaps the outer core, because of all the magma, but that's about it. The mere thought of visiting the DMV sends grown adults into psychotic fits. For the longest time, Dave Matthews Band having the abbreviation DMB hindered their success because it sounded too much like "DMV." People rioted and cried before nary a fiddle note could be fiddled. A visit to the DMV seldom goes well. Easy trips exist but are BASEDGOD rare.

Between the cramped environment, the uncomfortable heat, the hours of standing and the droves of ne'er-do-wells, it's difficult to find any bright spots. We can't guarantee you a higher percentage of perfect visits by reading this, but the knowledge contained herein can help you identify potential trouble-makers and nullify their impact on your trip. Here is our list of The 10 People You See at the DMV.