If you've ever thought "man I love this phone, but I wish I could use it to vape too," you're in luck, because vaping phones are now a thing that exists thanks to a company called Jupiter and its line of Vaporcade products. 

The company is pretty intense about how world-changing this invention will be:

We have worked tirelessly to integrate texting, talking, and vaping into one spectacular, innovative technology. The applications are limitless. We feel that Jupiter will change the world as we know it. You will soon vape your fluids, medicines, or nutraceuticals through Jupiter. We’re excited to share this life-altering experience.

Unfortunately, the vaping phones, with optional hookah hose attachment, are not approved by the FCC for sale in the U.S. yet, but you can put down a pre-order deposit for when that day arrives, Maxim reports. They're priced at $299 to $499. 

Double unfortunately, the phones run on the Android operating system only.

Is it only a matter of time before we get an iVape? No, no it is not.