High off the exhilarating joy ride of that recent UFO that turned out to be a boring missile test, Americans are tripping over themselves to figure out new ways to say "That’s an alien, bro. That is definitely an alien." The photo below, which is acutely disturbing no matter the context, purports to show a mysterious two-legged creature with a peculiar face and bizarre overall body structure:

Daily Star / IMGUR

The esteemed Daily Star reports that the photos of this admittedly alien-like creature, apparently discovered in San Jose, were posted to Reddit and Facebook. “I heard something scream at like 11:30 last night and went on my side yard and found this thing,” Facebook user Gianna Peponis wrote. “It was dead when I found it.”

Daily Star / Facebook

Due to the fact that this creature was discovered at the hot spot for that aforementioned UFO, which Chris Brown still believes was alien-related, the Internet has now imploded into the real-life manifestation of some awful but kind of genius Independence Day reboot:

Once again, aliens could not be reached for comment.