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The Transformers films aren’t really very good, are they? Like, they’re incredibly long, and hard to follow, and somehow spend more time on Shia LaBeouf ,and Megan Fox’s backside than Optimus Prime. Yet you still end going to see them, for some reason.

The four Transformers films so far have made over three and a half billion dollars worldwide, so of course there’s going to be sequels. But not just one or two. Hasbro Chief Content Officer Steven J. Davis has confirmed that they have the next ten years of Transformers movies all planned out already. And that’s not including the Transformers spin-off films that are also apparently on their way.

Will these new sequels decide to focus on the actual robots instead of the annoying human characters? Will Michael Bay direct them all? Will Hollywood ever come up with an original concept again? Only time will tell.

[via AV Club]