Few moments in internet history have united us as a society quite like the story of young "fucking bacon jalapeño mac-and-cheese" enthusiast Luke Gatti. After a slyly filmed video of him absolutely losing his mind over his drunken desire for that surprisingly specific style of macaroni and cheese swiftly went viral, additional details regarding Gatti's history started to reveal themselves. As fate would have it, a guy so quick to leap to cringe-inducing displays of entitlement when intoxicated had a bit of a penchant for similarly awful decisions. Thankfully, the University of Connecticut apparently uses the internet too and has thus decided to give Gatti the boot:

Barstool Sports / Snapchat

Luke Gatti has been officially expelled, according to Death and Taxes. The latest reports also add some baffling details to Gatti's infamous cheese showdown:

Gatti was charged that Sunday evening with a breach of peace in the second degree and criminal trespassing. He also shouted “Fuck you, n****r!” in the arresting officer’s face. And, as a result of the minor’s intoxication and misconduct, Gatti was reportedly expelled from the University of Connecticut.

Two lessons here, really:

1. Don't be a fucking dick all the time.

2. Cook your own "fucking bacon jalapeño mac-and-cheese."


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