Surely anyone can relate to the drunken desires of this unidentified Michigan Tech University student, as his plight is a story as old as America itself. The Twitter equivalent of "I got so wasted I went on a rant about engineering and then designed my own plane that I completely forgot about the next morning" is a presumed drunken confession so ubiquitous, it's actually just downright cliché. Alas, here we are:

Dubbed by other outlets as "Mark" in an effort to protect his true identity, his distinct brand of accomplished drunkenness shouldn't come as a complete surprise. After all, this "Mark" is actually a mechanical engineering student at Michigan Tech with an obvious penchant for intoxicated innovation. However, is that actually an airplane? Does Mark's drunken blueprint make sober sense?

"It’s actually called an ekranoplan, which is more like a very high speed aircraft that floats above the water," Keith Fraley, Mark's roommate and aforementioned Twitter hero, tells the Guardian. "Mark says that he imagines his design may work, and he looks forward to trying to recreate his work into a remote-control model with his colleagues."

The takeaway lesson here? Write Design drunk, edit sober.