UPDATE 5:20 p.m.:

Luke Gatti, the now-semi-famous individual at the center of the clip above, has been revealed to be the same Luke Gatti not only involved in the previously reported incidents of drunkenness, but also in an apparent assault of a police officer in 2014. Gatti currently has an Oct. 15 court date stemming from a previous arrest.

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The star of the existential short film above, a guy who kind of looks like he briefly entertained the idea of starting a Vampire Weekend cover band before immediately giving up and instead throwing on some sweatpants, is slowly but surely taking all of the internets by storm. Not to oversimplify his quest for knowledge, but this University of Connecticut student, among other beautiful things, apparently got extremely drunk before waltzing into the student union, popping open a beer, and loudly demanding "some fucking bacon jalapeño mac-and-cheese."

As the world is a brutal and unfair place where everyone's most protected dreams of drunken bacon jalapeño mac-and-cheese enjoyment are almost always crushed, the staff was not entertained. According to BroBible, who received the initial tip regarding the video's potential cultural impact, this not-quite-21-years-old mac-and-cheese enthusiast has a penchant for episodic moments of existential angst. Previous incidents involving this walking meme include two arrests in the same month, with one reportedly involving racial epithets hurled at a detective.

As his efforts to attain "some fucking bacon jalapeño mac-and-cheese" were ultimately sabotaged, we are sadly left yearning for more from his gospel of drunken entitlement. This UConn sensation was eventually arrested around 10 p.m. and has been charged with breach of peace in the second degree and criminal trespass, according to the Hartford Courant. Assholes just can't catch a break in 2015.