Ever wanted to be buried alive in the name of something called "television?" Well, you're in fine luck: A&E is burying three people alive in a purported effort to "conquer their darkest fears" while also serving as cogs in the machine of entertainment that is reality TV. The aptly titled Fear: Buried Alive will air live just days before Halloween, meaning that guy at the party who always thinks his costumes are so clever will probably come dressed as "Guy Watching Fear: Buried Alive" this year. Great.

Fittingly described in a press release as "one of the most chilling psychological experiments ever on live television," Fear will lock its participants into special coffins equipped with cameras and "scientific equipment" that will monitor physical and emotional responses and broadcast them to the world. According to Mashable, Fear will also feature appearances from "fear researcher" and sociologist Dr. Margee Kerr and guy who once tried to fuck the internet Eli Roth.

Though A&E has confirmed that all necessary precautions regarding obvious safety concerns are being taken, that won't stop self-torturing TV devotees from questioning the fate of the three participants while also posing existential questions to themselves like "Am I slowly being buried alive by student debt and unrealistic expectations set forth by a relentless society?"

TV is great.