When Louie pulled a Curb Your Enthusiasm by entering a period of "indefinite hiatus" earlier this year, Louis C.K. fans were left with a glaring FX vacancy. With no more Louie, what the hell is the point of TV? What does it all mean? If nothing really means anything, can't we at least keep getting new episodes of Louie?

The short answer still remains a pretty firm "No!" but the long answer is loaded with potential gems like the freshly teased Zach Galifianakis series above. Baskets, which isn't expected until 2016, is a collaborative effort between Galifianakis and Louis C.K. that centers on one man's quest to become a professional clown. As the series does exist in the often brutally realistic comedy wheelhouse of Louis C.K., viewers should expect this path to be littered with astronomically depressing obstacles and a keen sense of the fragility of the human condition.

Though this first look admittedly offers little more than 20 seconds of Galifianakis attempting to order a soda, that's just enough to give starving Louie fans the strength to press on. Stay strong, Louie Nation. If recent rumors of a possible Curb Your Enthusiasm movie are any indication, the future is sometimes very bright indeed.